Kevin Karrels - SVP, Digital Banking Strategy, First Tennessee Bank

This webinar, featuring Kevin Karrels of First Tennessee Bank, was recorded in March 2017. Karrels asserts that in the coming year regional, midsize, and community banks must begin to get their digital houses in order or risk losing customers to the largest institutions that have or are implementing a long term digital banking strategies. Thanks to the emerging technology in the digital banking space, it is possible for these banks to take the actions necessary to increase their relevance to the consumer.  In this webinar, Karrels covers these areas:  

  1. Classifying and vetting your vendor options.
  2. Identifying the minimum viable feature set for a long term strategy.
  3. Determining the implementation strategy that best fits your institution.

He also provides these key takeaways:

  1. Pragmatic, applicable insights to use in responding to digital transformations in banking.
  2. Specific suggestions covering the foundational requirements to sustain a long term digital strategy.
  3. Guidance based on experience concerning how to address the challenges inherent in deploying a system to support this type of strategy.

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