Ten Things Financial Institutions Need to Understand

Christine Barry - Research Director, Aite Group

Small business is an extremely important market for financial institutions. However, many institutions are not fulfilling the needs of small business owners. In a recent webinar hosted by D3 Banking, Aite's Christine Barry identified ten items banks and credit unions need to understand in order to serve their small business customers better:

  1. Small businesses aren't as loyal as they used to be
  2. Small businesses don't view their financial institutions as innovators
  3. Small businesses will pay for the right products
  4. Small businesses are tech-savvy
  5. Small businesses need help with payments
  6. Small businesses have global needs
  7. Small businesses prefer digital channels
  8. Small businesses struggle and need new tools to manage their cash
  9. Small businesses are afraid of fraud
  10. Small businesses expect high service levels

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