Dan Latimore

Dan Latimore, SVP of Celent's Banking Practice


Celent's Strategic Framework For Digital Banking Strategy

How Does Your Bank Or Credit Union Stack Up?

In a recent report co-authored by Dan Latimore, SVP of Celent’s Banking Practice, the following elements were identified as the basic requirements for a viable digital banking strategy:

  • Personalized but consistent FI brand experience for customers;
  • Access across all channels and points of interaction;
  • Data analytics and automation;
  • Demonstrable and sustainable economic value;
  • Sustainable, flexible operating model.
One hundred thought leaders from leading banks and credit unions attended a webinar earlier this month lead by Dan who presented results from his report. Interested in what Dan had to say?Hear a recording of the webinar and receive a free executive overview of Celent’s “Defining A Digital Financial Institution - What ‘Digital’ Means In Banking” by completing the form on the right.