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Today, financial institutions typically use data to perform services on behalf of customers to detect fraud, authenticate customers, and ensure their money is protected. Going forward, innovative financial institutions will use data to empower customers with value-added products and services.

More than 150 leading financial institution executives recently participated in a webinar hosted by Javelin to learn more about how to personalize and monetize the digital services they offer their customers and members.

Listen to a recording of the webinar and receive a free paper by Javelin entitled "Transforming Data Into Dollars for Financial Institutions." Learn more about:

  • How organizations like Amazon, Google, Strava, and the Sacramento Kings have impacted what consumers expect from financial institutions. 
  • How digital technology are evolving to change the meaning of "personal banking" in a mobile-first era.
  • How to consolidate money movement, budget, and cash flow, then use it to become your customers' favorite FI.
  • Ten ways to extract a bigger ROI from data.