Nearly 1/3 of banking customers say they would consider switching financial institutions for more user friendly digital banking services. In this webinar, hosted by CBA, three industry veterans discuss the results of a recent Harris survey of U.S. digital banking users focusing on how banks and credit unions can address the challenges of the present while positioning themselves to succeed in the future.

Webinar Panelists

  • Heather Sugg - William Mills Agency
  • Jeff Marshall - CTO, D3 Banking Technology
  • Ken Paterson - Research Director, Mercator Advisory Group
  • Michael Carter - EVP, Digital Banking, Strategic Resource Management

Webinar Content includes: 

  1. Access to some of the most recent data concerning how consumers view the online and mobile banking services of their financial institutions.
  2. Insights into how this data suggests a radically different future concerning what and how digital banking services will be delivered to consumers. 
  3. Input on how banks and credit unions can integrate emerging technologies into the digital banking strategies to achieve a competitive advantage now and in the future.