The New Digital Core

Jost Hopperman - VP, Principal Analyst - Forrester

Jost Hoppermann from Forrester is among the first in the retail banking industry to coin the term "new digital core." In this webinar, Jost will describe the tenets for this concept and how they apply to the financial institutions that want to deploy a digital strategy that will differentiate them from competitors and provide a platform for the future. 

The compelling aspect of Jost's assertion is that it finally addresses the 800-pound gorilla sitting in the middle of the room, i.e. core banking systems. These systems were built 30-40 years ago, 20 years before anyone had heard of the Internet. Their basic architecture has remained unchanged.

This makes converting from one core data processing system to another in search of a better digital experience like adding Internet to your 15-year old car with 300,000 miles on it. It will provide you a feature you are missing but what happens when the engine blows?

If you want to consider another way of thinking about your digital, watch this webinar.