Turns out Consumers like Their Financial Institution, For Now

There is a lot of noise in the industry around the level of consumer dissatisfaction with their financial institution. A Recent survey conducted by Nielsen-Harris found that 74% of respondents would recommend their bank or credit union to family, friends and colleagues. That’s the good news.

This Consumer Bankers Association hosted webinar will focus on the results from the survey by Nielsen-Harris with commentary from three industry subject matter experts. The data from the survey will focus on three key areas.

  • The willingness of consumers to recommend their financial institution to those close to them and why.
  • The type of institution consumers prefer to bank with and why, i.e., national, regional, community institutions.
  • The level of demand by consumers for personalized services that anticipate their needs and their willingness to share personal data with institutions.

 The panelists will discuss what these results mean for banks and credit unions as well as what actions these institutions can take to leverage their current relationships with consumers.

 Webinar Panelist

Alex Jimenez – Senior Strategist, Zions Bancorporation

Ginger Schmeltzer – Principal, Digital Banking and Payments, GDS Advisors

Michael Carter – EVP Digital Banking, SRM Corporation

 Webinar Contents

  • An overview of the most recent data concerning customer loyalty and preferences.
  • Specific generational data on how customers feel about sharing personal data.
  • Customer expectations regarding service levels, anticipation and personalization.
  • Practical insights from industry thought leaders on what drives customer loyalty.
  • Guidance on what financial institutions can do to sustain and increase customer loyalty.